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Frequently Asked Questions - Disability

FAQs - Disability

Find a list of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you need support around your home becuase of a disability. Please call the National Disability Insurance Scheme on 1800 800 110.

To find out more please visit www.ndis.gov.au

DAISI is also able to assist on local supports available to you. Please call DAISI on 1800 800 340



There are many services out there to help people in financial stress. To view some organisations that may be able to assist you please download Factsheet 3 and 6 on Financial and Income Support.

There is income support in the form of Centrelink payments.

There is also support in the form of Financial Counselling.

When working with a Local Area Coordinator or an NDIA Planner you will be able to ask for equipment as part of your NDIS plan. Call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 for more information.

Note: For areas where the NDIS hasnt rolled out please contact  Enable NSW



The Northern Rivers NILS Program can assist low income earners in purchasing essential household appliances by offering a no interest loan of up to $1200.

To find out more please contact: 1800 509 994

There is assistance available for people who have to travel from rural and remote areas to gain assistance from a specialist. The Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme can provide assistance in travel and accommodation costs to eligible people.

For more information please call 1800 478 227

Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS)

The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) provides support for NSW residents who are unable to use public transport because of a disability. The subsidy covers 50 per cent of the total fare with a maximum subsidy of $60 per journey and is claimed using travel dockets.

For more information please visit the website or call 1800 623 724

Assisted School Travel Program
 aims to assist eligible students with disability who are unable to travel to and from school under the Transport for NSW's School Student Transport Scheme may be eligible for transport assistance under the Department of Education Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP).

The ASTP plays a significant role in meeting the needs of eligible students with disability by providing free specialised transport to and from school where parents and carers are unable to provide or arrange transport for the student either fully or in part.

For more information contact Department of Education and ask to talk to someone about the Assisted School Travel Program, Call 1300 679 332

Talk to your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator about installing modifications or any other changes that need to be made around your home.

For further information call the National Disability Insurance Scheme on 1800 800 110 or visit www.ndis.gov.au

You can also talk to a local home modifcations service by visiting Home Modifications Australia to search for a local provider http://www.moda.org.au/



There are number of employment agencies in our region that deliver a Disability Employment Program.

The Disability Employment Program is a specialised employment program aimed at assisting people with disabilities to seek and maintain open paid employment.

For more options of Disability Employment Service providers click here.