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Webinar: Right Way, Wrong Way, Which Way?

By popular request, this webinar is offered to follow on a session at the Philanthropy Australia Conference in September 2016, “Right Way, Wrong Way, Which Way?: Stories from the field, practical steps and tools to forge respectful funding relationships and invest in leadership of Aboriginal Australia

Respectful funding relationships and cultural safety with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. 

Respectful relationships and cultural awareness are essential first steps in effective funding relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ​ communities, leaders and organisations. This webinar is presented by two Aboriginal leaders who are experts in philanthropy and grant-making, Belinda Duarte and Peter Aldenhoven. They will share their experience and observations of healthy, sustainable funding partnerships intended to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ​Peoples. They will discuss what has (and hasn’t) worked in the past, and their expectations of successful pathways for shared design and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Topics will include :

  • What cultural awareness and cultural safety mean for people working in philanthropy in 2017
  • The benefits and importance of deeper listening, and how this can influence funding relationships and strategies that deliver better outcomes for all involved.
  • Common ‘mistakes’ people make, and barriers to respectful funding relationships - how it really is and how it can be if we get it right.
  • Essential elements of healthy funding relationships - Practical ideas, tools and approaches that are working

Thursday, 23 February 2017 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (AEDT)